SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is important when you are building your website. A well-designed website is great but it’s not enough, SEO (search optimization) is a set of actions and a must to start ranking, increase your traffic, and bring leads or conversions. You will need to combine different components like the User Experience, implement an SEO strategy that includes a series of technical steps to apply, and continuously optimize the content for your website to rank.

Having a stylish website design without an SEO strategy is like having a beautiful car without an engine

→ 3 Reasons you need to optimize your website with an SEO strategy:

1. Become more visible online. Start ranking on search engines by implementing an SEO strategy and optimizing your content.

2. Drive more traffic to your website by creating a good User Experience. Creating good content is important but it should be easy to find it, the navigation has to be smooth, and more.

3. Generate leads and conversions. Try to answer the most asked questions on the FAQ page or implement automation forms to contact the user and understand his needs.

My Projects

Stabilized Pictures
A photography company in Paris

The image represents the letter S and P in a bright red on a white background. Those are the initials of the name of the company Stabilized Pictures.

Marianne’s Alpha Kappa
A tutoring company for kids and adults in New York

The image represents a Phrygian cap with the letters M in blue, A in black, and K in red which are the 3 initials of the name of the company, Marianne's Alpha Kappa.

The Project

Improving the existing SEO strategy

1. Researching new keywords, improving page content with new keywords, and updating content. 

The Project

Created and Implemented an SEO strategy

1. Researched keywords related to my client’s industry, and her services and analyzed their competitiveness. Then, created a final list with the best keywords.

2. Added keywords to the website content.

3. Optimized page titles, meta descriptions, headings, SEO images, and other multimedia elements.

4. Reviewed the final website content my client’s team sent me, readjusted the content with keywords, and rewrote some parts when it was needed.

It takes at least 3 months for the Search Engines to analyze all the information you provided them and for the website to start ranking. Content optimization needs to be improved every 3 months for your website to stay competitive or rank higher.

RESULTS: The new website generated new leads and conversions. My client shared that clients found her website through search engines, and thanks to the photo optimization I had set up.