Website Design

A website is crucial for any business, it provides a map and directions to what you are about and what you are selling.

A well-designed website is not necessarily a website with sophisticated features, but one that provides the best User Experience. “

→ 4 Reasons to have a website:

1. It Makes your Business Credible

2. You Can Showcase Your Products and Services

3. A Website Offers a 24/7 Online Presence

4. A Website can Attract New Customers Through Google

My Projects

New Project in progress

A company in New York.

Problem Statement:

The website was not user-friendly and did not have an SEO strategy in place.


  • Design a new website on WIX.
  • Create and implement an SEO strategy.
  • Create a global Digital Marketing Strategy for the business.

Stabilized Pictures

A photography company in Paris, France.

Problem Statement:

The website was not user-friendly, the pages were cluttered with too much information and visuals, which made it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly and engage with the platform effectively.


  • Redesign the entire website on WordPress using Divi builder.
  • Improve the SEO strategy.
  • Partnering with the company to develop a new photography project. This part of the project is ongoing.

Marianne Alpha Kappa

A tutoring company in New York.

Problem statement:
Marianne’s Alpha Kappa’s former website was cluttered and not user-friendly. There were no clear categories to highlight the services provided which made it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly. In addition, there was no SEO strategy in place.


  • Design a new website on WIX.
  • Create and implement an SEO stratgey.
  • Provide a global digital marketing strategy for the business.


A Digital Marketing Consultant, a Web Developer, or both?
Depending on the stage of your business, your budget, your business type, and your goals you might need a different professional.

Digital Marketing Consultant 


 Web Developer


Digital Marketing Consultant provides

  • Faster website launch: 1 person will handle all the aspects of building the website.
  • Lower website costs due to less expensive engineering resources on top of the web developer fees.
  • Maintenance and web support, but could be handled in-house. Please note: some web expertise is required to ensure the good functioning of the tools.
  • Digital marketing expertise (Marketing strategy, SEO strategy, website content optimization, and other tactics to make your website more visible online).
  • UX/UI skills to create a good user experience.
  • Basic technical skills related to the website software.

Web Designer provides

  • Slower website launch: several departments and persons are involved in the website-building process.
  • Higher website costs but more sophisticated and interactive features are available due to coding skills and higher design skills. 
  • Maintenance and web support: software generally used by a web developer requires advanced tech skills. To handle maintenance and updates, the client will need to rely on a web developer and pay a fee to maintain the website.
  • More technical skills (on the website software, the host, the server, etc.)

Digital Marketing Consultant doesn't provide

  • Sophisticated engineered interactive elements except if the consultant has computer coding skills.
  • Advanced technical skills (software, server, and host).

Web Designer doesn't provide

  • Digital marketing services: SEO strategy, website content optimization, content strategy, etc.
  • Marketing strategy.