Website Design

A website is crucial for any business, it provides a map and directions to what you are about and what you are selling.

A well-designed website is not necessarily a website with sophisticated features, but one that provides the best User Experience. “

→ 4 Reasons to have a website:

1. It makes your business credible

2. You can showcase your products and services

3. It offers a 24/7 online presence

4. A website can attract new customers through Google

My Projects

Stabilized Pictures
A photography company in Paris

The image represents the letter S and P in a bright red on a white background. Those are the initials of the name of the company Stabilized Pictures.

The Project

Some parts of the project are still in progress

Problem statement:
Stabilized Picture’s former website was cluttered and overwhelming.
The abundance of information made it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly and engage with the platform effectively.
In addition, the design was not consistent throughout the entire website.

1. Designed a responsive and user-friendly website.
One of the requirements: build the website on WordPress using the Divi builder.

2. Created a new UX | UI experience.

3. Created a content strategy and wrote content in French and English. 

4. Improving the SEO Strategy.
This part of the project is ongoing.

5. Set up the Google search console to measure the site Search traffic, the website performance, and fix issues to make the website shine in Google Search results.

6. Monitoring Google Analytics.
This part of the project is ongoing.

7. Handling website updates and maintenance (updating systems, designing new pages, adding or removing visuals and/or content).
This part of the project is ongoing.

Marianne’s Alpha Kappa
A tutoring company for kids and adults in New York

The image represents a Phrygian cap with the letters M in blue, A in black, and K in red which are the 3 initials of the name of the company, Marianne's Alpha Kappa.

The Project

Project is completed

Problem statement:
Marianne’s Alpha Kappa’s former website was cluttered and not user-friendly. There were no clear categories to highlight the services provided which made it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly. In addition, there was no SEO strategy in place.

1. Designed a responsive and user-friendly multilingual E-commerce website on WIX.
Marianne’s Alpha Kappa is a small structure that already uses the WIX platform, and the team needs an easy and intuitive interface to handle the website.

2. Created the UX|UI Strategy.

3. Created the content structure for the website pages with a marketing strategy to help the team write relevant content with keywords related to the industry.

4. Created and implemented an SEO strategy. 

5. Optimized the final website content by adding keywords related to the industry and adjusted necessary parts of the content.

6. Designed the home page graphic (Marianne and Lady Liberty united) representing the company’s idea of building a bridge between the French and the American cultures.

7. Updated the website settings.


A Digital Marketing Consultant, a Web Developer, or both?
Depending on the stage of your business, your budget, your business type, and your goals you might need a different professional.

Digital Marketing Consultant 


 Web Developer


Digital Marketing Consultant provides

  • Faster website launch: 1 person will handle all the aspects of building the website.
  • Lower website costs due to less expensive engineering resources on top of the web developer fees.
  • Maintenance and web support, but could be handled in-house. Please note: some web expertise is required to ensure the good functioning of the tools.
  • Digital marketing expertise (Marketing strategy, SEO strategy, website content optimization, and other tactics to make your website more visible online).
  • UX/UI skills to create a good user experience.
  • Basic technical skills related to the website software.

Web Designer provides

  • Slower website launch: several departments and persons are involved in the website-building process.
  • Higher website costs but more sophisticated and interactive features are available due to coding skills and higher design skills. 
  • Maintenance and web support: software generally used by a web developer requires advanced tech skills. To handle maintenance and updates, the client will need to rely on a web developer and pay a fee to maintain the website.
  • More technical skills (on the website software, the host, the server, etc.)

Digital Marketing Consultant doesn't provide

  • Sophisticated engineered interactive elements except if the consultant has computer coding skills.
  • Advanced technical skills (software, server, and host).

Web Designer doesn't provide

  • Digital marketing services: SEO strategy, website content optimization, content strategy, etc.
  • Marketing strategy.

“Having a stylish website design without an SEO strategy is like having a beautiful car without an engine”
An SEO strategy is a must for your website to rank on the search engines.