Business Development: New York – Paris

The business development is in progress.

Collaborating with

Stabilized Pictures, a photography company in Paris

It offers different types of photography services: portrait photography, commercial photography, real estate photography, wedding photography, food photography, and Fashion photography.

The project

Stabilized Pictures is a photography company based in Paris, France.

The founder created a new photography product (details of the product will be revealed in the next few weeks) that will be offered in Paris. The photography business project is aimed at targeting the US audience. 

The company was looking to have a collaborator based in the US, and I joined the project in 2023.

Skills used in the project

Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Website Design, Content Writing,  Content Marketing,  Website optimization,  Instagram Marketing, Social Media, Instagram ad, Facebook ad, SEO, Content Optimisation Search Ads 360.

Project Responsibilities

Collaborating on the business development and responsible for creating and implementing the digital marketing strategy that includes, website, SEO, social media, and paid social media ads.

Website and SEO

  • Designed a responsive website page (on Desktop, tablet, and mobile) to introduce the photography product and the offers. 
  • Writing and updating the page content.
  • Creating and implementing an SEO strategy: researching and adding keywords, optimizing page content, title tags, meta descriptions; headings, content formatting, SEO images, and others.
  • Setting up Google tools: Google marketing platform, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to organize, analyze, and fix website issues.

Instagram Marketing

  • Created the Instagram account photoshootingparis to bring awareness and build a reputation for the company.
  • Creating and implementing the Instagram strategy.
  • Designing Instagram posts and handling the account.
  • Creating mood boards on Pinterest for the photograph to have a direction of shots needed for Instagram.

Paid Ads

  • Setting up tools to create and monitor Instagram and Facebook ads and Google Search Ad 360.
  • Designing  Instagram and Facebook paid social ads.
  • Creating Google Search Ad 360.

Business development

  • Set up marketing tools to monitor different aspects of the business.
  • Research solutions and systems to automate the business (CMS systems, card payment system options, etc).
  • Created a guide for clients in English and French on “how to prepare for a photoshoot” with Outfit, makeup, and hair tips.
  • Designed a website page to feature the photographer’s work for him to share on diverse platforms to look for models. Click here to see the page.
  • Looking for models for the project.