Website Design

Web design
is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and implementing the plan for designing a website in a way that is functional and offers a good user experience.

” A well-designed website is not necessarily a website with sophisticated features, but one that provides the best User Experience.”


Marianne’s Alpha Kappa, a tutoring company for kids and adults in Manhattan.

It offers a range of tutoring services from math classes, essay and writing, French, SAT prep, pedagogical training, and classes for kids with learning difficulties.

Problem statement

Marianne’s Alpha Kappa’s former website had Design, UX|UI issues and no Website Content Strategy.

  • The design needed some refreshment and was not consistent.
  • The pages were cluttered with too much information and visuals.
  • The website was not user-friendly. There were no clear categories to highlight the services provided, making it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly and engage with the platform effectively.
  •  There was no SEO strategy in place.

Company goals

  • Have an E-commerce website in English and French using the WIX platform.
  • Have a design aesthetic with a clean artsy- cultural look.
    The company did not want a “classic education” website look. One of the requirements was to feature cultural and historical symbols to convey the notion of building a bridge between the French and the US culture as it is the company’s unique selling proposition.
  • Provide a good user experience.
  • Start ranking on the search engines to improve the website’s visibility. 

    My approach

    I collaborated with Marianne’s Alpha Kappa to understand their vision and to agree on the main services they wanted to highlight. As the company owner wanted to feel involved in the process,  I shared draft versions of the pages for us to brainstorm and I,  to implement changes effectively.

    Skills used in the project

    Website Design, WIX, UX|UI Design, Website Content, Writing and Editing, Website Optimization, SEO, Digital Marketing, editing photos in Adobe Lightroom, creating home page design with Adobe Photoshop, English & French.

    Project responsibilities

    Redesign the company website. The website had a poor user experience. The menu was confusing, it didn’t have clear categories, and the way the content was displayed made it challenging for users to find relevant content quickly and engage with the platform effectively.

    1. Design a responsive and user-friendly multilingual E-commerce website on WIX.
    Marianne’s Alpha Kappa is a small structure that already uses the WIX platform, and the team needs an easy and intuitive interface to handle the website.

    2. Create a UX | UI experience.

    3. Create the content structure for all the website pages with a marketing strategy to help the team write relevant content with keywords related to the topics and the industry.

    4. Create and implement an SEO strategy.

    5. Update the website settings

    Website Redesign

    My Work Process


    Assuring a smooth and efficient collaboration with the company
    as a team


    Understanding the big picture
    The vision of the client


    UX | UI

    Creating a website easy to navigate and intuitive for the users to find the answer in a few clicks

    SEO & Optimization

    Creating and implementing an SEO strategy to start ranking on the search engines


    Assuring a smooth and efficient collaboration with the company as a team

    I shared a timeline with my client at the beginning with the steps and tasks that we should aim at or accomplish for each phase.

    I sent a weekly recap of the tasks I implemented and what needed to be done by the company’s team.

    I created a content structure for each website page to help the company’s team write the content. For each idea I suggested, I explained the goal or marketing purpose. 


    Understanding the big picture, the vision of the client

    Most educational websites are cluttered with a lot of information and a ton of bright colors for kids.

    As the target audience is parents, I opted for a simple and clean look, more appealing to adults.



    • The website was not visually appealing.
    • The design did not reflect my client’s vision.
    • Visuals were added randomly on the page and it was difficult to understand the connection between images and the content of the page.
    • The entire website design was not consistent as there were different styles and banners used on the pages.
    • There were different fonts.


    • I designed a clean look and included the shade of red my client uses for her products to stay consistent with her brand.
      I created an Artsy Look” by featuring cultural symbols representing the notion of building a bridge between the French and the American culture.
    • I designed a visual that represents two iconic historical symbols: the French figure “ La Marianne” who represents Liberty and the Freedom to learn, and Lady Colombia for the US figure. I recommended the company to hire a graphic designer to create a visual based on my idea but they decided to keep the version I designed. 
    • I created a section to add a quote at the bottom of each page. The quote is related to the page content or some cultural meaning.
      Example on the Leaning disabilities page services: ” Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn “Benjamin Franklin

    The design is not entirely based on the aesthetic realm,
    it also aims to create a desirable and accessible user experience for the end-user
     called UX|UI design.

     UX | UI

    Making the website easy to navigate and intuitive for the user to find the answer in a few clicks

    The User Experience is the customer’s journey on your website



    The website was not user-friendly:
    The menu was confusing with too many categories, and it did not have clear category names and subcategories for the services.
    The Menu is a crucial element for the user to navigate easily on your website and ensure a smooth experience.


    I brainstormed with my client’s team to understand what they were selling and which category needed to be highlighted to build a new Menu, categories, and subcategories.

    OLD MENU: 10 categories

    1. The old Home page featured: a News section, a product, and a video on math classes. No introduction to the company or its services.

    2. About us page: company introduction + team bio.

    3. For Students page: services for kids and adults without clear subcategories.
    4. For Professionals page: services for kids and adults without clear subcategories.

    5. Photos gallery page featuring art photos: the user doesn’t make the connection between the business and the photos right away.

    6. Student form page
    7. Tutor form page
    8. Contact us page

    9. Testimonials page

    10. Shop page

    NEW MENU: 6 categories

    1. The new Home page featuresa video, a text introducing the company and its services.

    2. Our Team page: team bio + I added the teacher disciplines.

    3. Our services page
    I created this page to feature all services offered for kids and adults + subcategories for each service.
    2 pages in1.

    I removed the gallery page and integrated photos to related pages or content.

    4. Contact us page
    Student and Tutor forms can be completed through this page.
    3 pages in 1

    I removed the testimonials page and added them at the end of each corresponding category.

    5. Shop page

    6. News & Tips page: resources for parents and students.


    The Menu icon chosen was the one below. It could be confusing for an audience who is not comfortable with the technology. 


    I chose the Menu icon below as the target audience ranges from 35 to 60 years old and might be more intuitive.


    • The navigation was not smooth, it had different types of effects that distracted the way the user saw the content.
    • The website was not mobile-friendly. The design did not give a nice rendering on the tablet and phone versions.

    • The content on the pages was not well organized.


    • I created a navigation menu without effects on the category names to avoid distractions.
    • I designed different layout options that had a good rendering on desktop, tablet, and mobile versions for the client to choose from.
    • I created distinct sections with paragraphs, headers, and sub-headers to make the content easy to read and understand.


    The home page was cluttered and did not introduce the company or its services. Also, it made it difficult for users to access quickly relevant information they could be interested in. 


    Before Home page

    The home page featured:

    • A News section
    • A product of the company
    • A video that only promoted math classes
    • Photos of historic symbols with a quote. The way the symbols were displayed made it difficult to understand the meaning
    • No general information, introduction on the business or its services

    The home page featured information that belonged to other pages

    After Home page

    I created a content structure for the home page video and the introduction text to feature important information about the company and have a clear messaging.

    Here is the content structure I shared with the company team to build the page:

    1. Who are you? What is your company about? How was it born?

    2. Why are you different from your competitors?  What is your Unique Selling Proposition
    The company is offering a unique service that makes them different from the competitors, a service that was not visible on the website. They offer an understanding of both European and American school curriculums enabling their students to adapt and merge flawlessly between them.

    3. Identify your client’s problems and talk about solutions you can offer. Tell them the unique way you are going to help them. Focus on their needs and educate your audience.

    4. At a glance, feature services you are offering
    I added a paragraph with all the services offered with the related keywords.

    5. Add testimonials from clients to emphasize your message
    I created a space for testimonials at the bottom of the category page.

    6. Add a call to action at the end

    Before Home page

    After Home page


     Optimizing the website to be seen on the search engines

    A well-designed website is great but it’s not enough. Website Optimization is a must if you want to rank online among your competitors.

    The company’s previous website was not optimized so I created and implemented an SEO strategy for the site to start ranking on search engines.



    The website was not optimized for search engines, in consequence, it was not competing with other tutoring companies as the website didn’t have an SEO strategy in place. There was no keyword search done,  and the content was not optimized.



    Phase 1:  I researched keywords related to my client’s industry, her services and analyzed their competitiveness.
    Then, I created a final list with the best keywords.

    Phase 2: I added keywords to the website content.

    Phase 3: I optimized the page titles, meta descriptions, headings, SEO images, and other multimedia elements.

    Phase 4: I reviewed the final website content, my client’s team sent me and added the new keywords, and rewrote some parts when it was needed.

    After working on the website optimization in different aspects,  my client got new leads, and clients found her website only 2 weeks after the website was published.

    It takes between 3-4 months to see the full result of your SEO strategy (for the Search Engines to analyze all the information) you provided, so I advised my client to hire someone to continue and improve the SEO strategy and optimize the website content if she wants to improve the position of her website overtime on the search engines.

    We are a small tutoring company. Our website was created in 2013 and it needed some updates and some refreshment.
    Priscilla was recommended by a friend and we started to work with her on our project.
    We have been impressed by her professionalism. Priscilla is very committed, responsive, and hardworking. All her advice was precious. She was able to guide us. She suggested a couple of possibilities each time and was listening to our wishes.
    Priscilla was able to create a user friendly website that is aligned with our expectations but above all Priscilla was able to advise us on the marketing strategy.
    Thanks to the digital marketing support and marketing strategy she implemented, we had new client leads who found us on Google and contacted us for our services.

    Marianne Yayane Verbuyt

    Marianne's Alpha Kappa