Instagram Marketing Strategy

Establishing an Instagram Marketing strategy will help you reach your goals.
By producing content consistently, your will improve your online visibility.


A NYC Tutoring company for kids and adults

Skills used in the project

Instagram Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Instagram Marketing  Content Strategy | Adobe Photoshop

The project

Provide an Instagram marketing strategy, and create examples of Instagram posts for Marianne’s Alpha Kappa; a NYC Tutoring company for kids and adults.

Client goals

Have a better understanding of Instagram, implement a new Instagram marketing strategy to bring awareness to the business, lead more customers to the website and gain more clients.

My work process

I created a 2 steps recommendation for my client to have an idea of the Instagram scope of work with:


  1. Learn more about the tutoring industry.
  2. Understand my client’s marketing needs and goals.
  3. Find out the target audience my client wants to reach to adapt the strategy recommendation.

Strategy & Analysis

Analyze the industry and the competitors to provide tips and strategies to stand out.

My Work

I. Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy and Framework.

II. Create examples of Instagram posts.

I. Instagram Marketing Strategy


Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Define goals, target audience, type of content your audience wants to see, etc…

My strategy recommendation would be to become a trusted, resourceful tutoring account by providing
short-form educative content in well-designed slides.


Create a content calendar

Create and/or gather all information needed for the posts in advance.

→ Write a compelling caption or description of the post in advance
Add emoticons in the posts to make the content more enjoyable to read.

Ask questions in your posts or stories to push viewers to interact.

→ Create and/or collect visuals
(photo, video, or carousel) and links + Edit visuals
Trying to stay with a similar esthetic and color palette gives a consistent look and you get recognized as a brand.

→  Curate the presentation style in advance
(if you want to post a still photo, a carousel, a video, an IG story that will show your content for 24hours and/or a REEL).

→ Add location  (city, a specific place, etc).

Add who to tag (mention people, companies who are in the photo or video).

→ Create a list of hashtags with keywords related to your industry or the post to be more discoverable online.

→ Post on several platforms to reach a vast audience and target different age groups (Facebook, Linkedin, Tik Tok, etc).

→ Include social share for some posts (ex: sharing the post on Facebook or else).

→ Go live on Instagram stories: Add hashtags + locations before the event to announce it and during the Ig (Instagram) live as well.
It does not matter if you don’t have a lot of followers, it will allow you to give a glimpse of who you are and connect directly with your audience.

Planning your post in advance will allow you to gain time and post frequently. You can also use a paid app to post automatically on different platforms.


Define the frequency of the posts

Producing between 1-2 posts a week to start would be great but the number of posts will vary depending on the month
if there is a need to boost a special event or on certain holidays.


Schedule posts at a strategic day and time

Post more when your audience is active to improve your chance of being seen or depending on the country you are in.


Engage with your followers

It is essential to have someone in charge to answer questions or reply to comments. And, if you as the owner of the business can engage directly with your followers, it will create a better connection with your audience, increases engagement, and shows that you and your business care.


Rewrite your Instagram Bio

Add useful details and keywords related to your industry and/or business.



  • Talk about the specifics of what you do.
  • Post something new and fresh that people haven’t seen.
  • Create how-to videos.
  • Post infographics.
  • Post content on recent Industry News.


  • Start a challenge.
  • Leverage social media trends when it’s related to your industry.
  • Post Instagram versus Reality.
  • Share behind-the-scenes.
  • Collaborate with someone who can complement what you do or in a similar industry. 


  • Tell your story.
  • Share a client story.
  • Share a client’s results.
  • Share the struggles you have overcome and experiences, it’s hard for other people to replicate that.


  • Share a Before & After
  • Pack an Order
  • Share Reviews
  • Do a Product/Service Demo
  • Offer a limited discount code

Bonus Tips on What to Post

Post different content topics 

It will help you find where you need to focus your content

Favor quality posts over quantity

The goal is to become a trusted and resourceful tutoring account

Post different visuals

It will help you find your user preferences. Videos versus photos?
Are they more responsive to a certain aesthetic or design?

Find collaborations to grow your visibility on Instagram

Make sure that the brands or companies you are collaborating with are active on social media and a plus would be to share similar values.

Monitor new social media trends 

Think if you could use them for your account. Ex with tools like TikTok that has been very popular but before jumping on the bandwagon, analyze if your audience is on it.

II. Examples of Instagram Posts

The Instagram marketing strategy I am recommending:

Create bite-sized pieces of informative content in well-designed slides to make the educational content easily digestible.
The goal will be to become a trusted, resourceful tutoring account.

Below is an Instagram carousel  I created with a topic idea for my client to visualize the concept:
– I used the company color theme to stay consistent with the brand.
– I created a company watermark on the Instagram slides to show that the slides are created by the tutoring company.
– I used photoshop to have a polished look.

Bonus Post Ideas

Promote a different tutoring class every week

It will allow you to highlight all your services weekly.

Post tips for parents and students

It will allow you to be seen as a trusted and useful resource for parents and students.

Offer occasional giveaways

Ex: Follow our IG account, comment on one of our posts, tag us and one happy winner will win 1 free hour of tutoring of his/her choice.

Post something personal

It helps the audience to connect with you on a different level.

Use the "Social media Holiday calendar"

Select Holidays celebrations or events related to your industry.
*If you decide to react to difficult issues, you will need to think beforehand about how to engage in those matters.*

Post a figure who inspiring you

It takes a lot of time and commitment to produce content on different platforms. Analyze which ones will be the best for your audience.

Testing and experimenting with different strategies are important to see what is working for your audience.

* I mentioned to my client that some recommendations and trends I am suggesting in this framework might not be relevant at the time she decides to set up the strategy.