Instagram Marketing

Establishing an Instagram Marketing strategy will help you reach your goals.

Opera is a fascinating and an old fashion world that operates with different codes, but using new marketing tools to keep up with the competition and stay relevant is important to improve your online visibility.

Yves Abel

World-renowned Chief Conductor of the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie

Skills used in the project

Instagram Marketing | Digital Marketing | Content Strategy | Instagram

The project

Provide a recommendation on how  Instagram Marketing could benefit my client. I created an Instagram framework and examples of posts for my client to have an idea of the scope of work.

Opera is fascinating and an old fashion world that operates with different codes, nevertheless, I recommended to my client that it could be a more creative way to improve his online visibility.

My client goals

Have an understanding of the Instagram tool to share more of his work and the universe of the Opera industry.

My work process


1. Familiarize myself with the opera industry.

2. Understand my client’s marketing needs.

3. Find out the target audience my client wants to reach to adapt the strategy recommendation.

Strategy & Analysis

Analyze the industry and the competitors to provide tips and strategies to stand out.

My Work

I. Create an Instagram framework.

II. Create a bio example.

III. Create examples of Instagram posts.

I created a 3 steps recommendation for my client to have an idea of the Instagram scope of work with:

I. Instagram Framework


 Hire an assistant to set up and manage the Instagram account

Due to my client’s hectic schedule (concerts, rehear-sings, travels, etc…),
a part-time assistant would be ideal to set up and manage the account.


Create an Instagram Marketing strategy

Brainstorm with the assistant on the type of content you want to post and define the topics you don’t want to share.


General assistant tasks

Create an Instagram marketing strategy

 Define the target audience you want to reach, your goals, research the type of content your public wants to see, etc…

Create a content calendar

Mark important dates you need to post: concert dates, special events related to your industry, holidays, etc…

Create the content of the post in advance

1. Write a compelling caption or description of the post.

2. Prepare details of the post: location  (city, a specific place, etc.), who to tag (mention people, and companies that are in the photo or video).

3. Prepare a list of hashtags related to the opera or the post to be more discoverable online.

4. Think about including social share for some posts (ex: sharing the post on Facebook or else).

Planning your post in advance will allow you to gain time and post frequently.
You can use a paid app to post automatically on different platforms.

Collect photos, videos, and links 

Create and edit the visuals (photo, video, or carousel).

Trying to stay with a similar esthetic and a color palette gives a consistent look and you get recognized as a brand.

Curate the presentation style in advance

(if you want to post a still photo, a carousel, video, and/or an IG story that will show your content for 24 hours).

Schedule posts at a strategic day and time

Post more when your audience is active to improve your chance of being seen or depending on the country you are in.

Define the frequency of the posts

Producing between 1-2 posts a week to start would be great but the number of posts will vary depending on the month
if there is a need to boost a representation, a special event, or on certain holidays.

Engage with your followers

It is essential to have someone in charge to answer questions or reply to comments. And, if you as the owner of the business can engage directly with your followers, it will create a better connection with your audience, increases engagement, and shows that you and your business care.

Bonus Tips

Favor quality posts over quantity

The goal is to provide quality information and an appealing feed.

Post quality visuals

It is important to use quality visuals as it reflects you as a brand.

Opt for a chic and clean style

Choose an aesthetic that you like while keeping the Opera industry codes.

Try out different strategies

The assistant will need to try and experiment with different things to see what works best for your account.

II. Instagram Bio

Chief Conductor @nordwestdeutsche_Philharmonie
Principal Conductor @sandiegoopera
Dad of ????? ???? ??

III. Instagram Post examples

I created a few examples of posts with videos and photos for my client to visualize the concept.

*Make sure to have the right to use photos or videos if they are not yours.
*The quality of the video will be better coming from the source as I had to tape the video from a video.

→ Posting a video and an IG story

The idea here is to promote the play by showing interesting and strong scenes to make people want to see the rest and to show the conductor’s performance.

Introducing the play ” Les contes d’Hoffmann”
(The Tales of Hoffmann) with a strong scene
featuring date of the play and tickets info.

Giving a glimpse of the incredible voices and the decor.

Promoting Yves Abel the conductor of the play. 

→ Posting a carousel
showing behind the scenes

The idea is to intrigue the reader to see more and to engage.

Content structure type:

  • Writing a few lines or a description depending on the post.

  • Adding hashtags # (a combination of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by the # symbol. They are used to categorize content and make your content more discoverable online).

  • Adding the location of the post (city, country, or a specific place, etc).

Instagram caption post example:
What a joy to be back and working with this incredible team.
? Guess which play is coming to New York soon…??#opera #yvesabel #themetropolitanopera #newyork etc.

→ Posting a photo announcing the next concert

I am so excited to announce that I will be coming to Hong Kong on December 12th, 2023 #opera #yvesabel #hongkong #operaname.
Adding important information: date and time of the play, where they can buy tickets etc…

→ Posting a photo for the holidays

Wishing you all, holidays filled with joy, fun, and laughter.????#christmastime #familytime #opera, etc…

Adding related hashtags and emoticons to make the message more fun.



  • Talk about the specifics of what you do.
  • Post something new and fresh that people haven’t seen.
  • Create how-to videos.
  • Post infographics.
  • Post content on recent Industry News.


  • Start a challenge.
  • Leverage social media trends when it’s related to your industry.
  • Post Instagram versus Reality.
  • Share behind-the-scenes.
  • Collaborate with someone who can complement what you do or in a similar industry. 


  • Tell your story.
  • Share a client story.
  • Share a client’s results.
  • Share the struggles you have overcome and experiences, it’s hard for other people to replicate that.


  • Share a Before & After
  • Pack an Order
  • Share Reviews
  • Do a Product/Service Demo
  • Offer a limited discount code

Bonus Post Ideas

Posting a piece of interview and link it to the full interview, an article or a podcast etc…

Posting a photo of your conductor’s baton or other instrument used in the opera, and tell a story about it.

Posting something personal. If you feel comfortable, you could post a photo with your kids, your family or friends playing the piano from behind that way you protect their privacy.

Posting a childhood memory or your debut as a singer

Posting a figure who is inspiring you

*I mentioned to my client that some recommendations and trends I am suggesting in this framework might not be relevant at the time he decides to create and feed his account but it is a good structure to start with.*​​