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I am a Digital Marketing Consultant


Digital Marketing Consultant | Priscilla Bee
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I am a Digital Marketing consultant in New York who works with small to medium companies.

I grew up in the South of France and moved to New York in 2009 to realize my American dream.

I am experienced in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that leverage a multi-channel approach, including website design, SEO (search engine optimization), and Instagram marketing to drive brand visibility and growth.

I help my clients navigate digital marketing channels, by creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy for the companies to achieve their goals.


I focus on a few projects at a time to give each client the dedicated attention they need.

In my last corporate job, the CEO, after seeing my dedication created specific roles for me: as a Digital Marketing Associate and Photographer Assistant for Patricia Burmicky Photography and as a Digital Marketing Associate for PhotoUno.


Experienced in Digital Marketing services from UX|UI, Website design, SEO, content optimization,  and Instagram marketing to drive brand visibility and growth.
Skilled in crafting social media posts and writing compelling content for social media and websites. I also have Photography and photo editing skills.


Google Digital Marketing Certified. I continuously update my certifications and follow marketers who have different approaches to the digital marketing industry to stay up to date with new trends.

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant identifies the most effective ways to advertise or market your company. He or she uses different digital marketing strategies and suggests improvements to existing strategies to improve your online presence, increase customer engagement, and more.

My Portfolio

My Digital Marketing Projects


Do you need to improve your online visibility, boost your sales, or launch a new product or service?

With so many emerging trends and disruptive technologies, digital marketing can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start.

In conclusion, hiring a Digital marketing consultant to help you with Website DesignSEO (search engine optimization), and Instagram Marketing, could be the solution to improve your business and reach your goals.

Below, you will find Digital Marketing Strategies to help your business grow and a link to my projects.


4 Reasons to have a website

It makes your business credible

You can showcase your products and services

It offers a 24/7 online presence

A website can attract new customers through Google

A well-designed website is not necessarily a website with sophisticated features, but one that provides the best User Experience.



3 Reasons to optimize your website

Be more visible online and start ranking on search engines by implementing an SEO strategy, and optimizing your content.

Drive more traffic to your website by creating a good User Experience. Content is king but it should be easy to find it.

Generate leads and conversions

A stylish website design is great but it’s not enough. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must to start ranking on the search engines.

Instagram Marketing

5 Reasons to use Instagram

Promote your products or services using fun & creative ways
using fun & creative ways.
Connect directly with your audience and gain valuable insights to adapt your offer

Sell your products or services directly via the app. It also points back to your website

Show that your business is real and also by sharing different aspects of your company, it makes it more relatable

Keep an eye on your competitor

Instagram is a great way to expand your business’s reach and engagement with your customers.



We are a small tutoring company. Our website was created in 2013 and it needed some updates and some refreshments.

Priscilla was recommended by a friend and we started to work with her on our project.

We have been impressed by her professionalism. Priscilla is very committed, responsive, and hardworking. All her advice was precious. She was able to guide us. She suggested a couple of possibilities each time and was listening to our wishes.

Priscilla was able to create a user-friendly website that is aligned with our expectations but above all Priscilla was able to advise us on the marketing strategy.

Thanks to the digital marketing support and marketing strategy she implemented, we had new client leads who found us on Google and contacted us for our services.

Marianne Yayane Verbuyt

Marianne's Alpha Kappa

I had the opportunity to work with Priscilla and was very well impressed as she is responsible and committed to the brands she works with. She is someone you can trust to get things done.
The social media campaigns she ran for us were to our entire satisfaction.
Francisco Lyons

Food and Beverage CPG Growth Strategist, Digital Marketing Expert, eCommerce, Entrepreneurship

Priscilla has assisted me with photography sessions while working at my studio for 2 years. She is highly committed and responsible. She always presented new ideas while brainstorming for our photo sessions.

Also, a joy to work around when dealing with clients thanks to her great energy, and openness to adapt to our clients needs and expectations.

She also worked as a photo editor and image enhancement which was key to meet and beat delivery timelines.

She also brought in new ideas to expand Patricia Burmicky Photography’s list of clients. For this, she created a plan that included: a new brand strategy, and new ways of promoting the studio through Instagram and Facebook.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Patricia Burmicky

Patricia Burmicky Photography

My Hobbies

Photography, Traveling & Hiking

Photography is one of my hobbies. I am a street and travel photographer.
I love traveling, and I had the chance to visit 26 US States and 14 countries. I enjoy hiking and indoor climbing.